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Tips on easily inserting a tampon

So I recently just got my period and I NEED to use a tampon because I’m going swimming for a friends party! I’ve tried a few times and I just can’t do it! can I use coconut oil on the top of it? I’m using an applicator but I still find it hard

  • Posted by GF_Expert

    Hi jenek12, cut and paste this link into your browser – it takes you to the page on the LoveLibra website that has all the tips for using tampons. Good luck! LGx

  • Posted by Nattkozy

    Make sure one leg is up on a stool or something and put a mirror in between and once you insert it you should feel anything but if you do you need to push it in further but if not take it out and start again.

  • Posted by Nattkozy

    Shouldn’t Oop!

  • Posted by Jill English

    use lube 🙂

  • Posted by Taylor Koboski

    You might not be able to insert it while standing up, for me I have to be sitting on the toilet. Try different positions to see what works best for you

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