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Totally lost

OK where do I start on this,
I have never (ever) thought about guys before now and I am pretty sure a guy who is in like four of my six classes likes me, in the two classes where we don’t have assigned seating he has moved so he is sitting at my table, in one of those classes I was the only one sitting at that table. My friends haven’t been much help because either they spend the whole time asking me if he’s cute (I have no idea how you define a guy as ‘cute’ because as I said I have never even thought about it before) or being idiots because of all the people in our friend group I am the last would they would expect to have guy issues because of my complete lack of interest before now. My bestie has helped me to work out some of my thoughts but I am still completely lost about what I should do.
I would be perfectly happy to become better friends with him, he is a really nice guy and all but I have never thought about a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with anyone before. I’m not like I don’t want to it’s just not a thing I have stopped to think about.
If anyone could offer me advice on the following things it would be awesome,
1. How do I work out if he does like me?
2. What on earth am I supposed to do if he does?
3. please just generally help for a very lost girl.
Thxs so much.

  • Posted by p. b. m

    just talk to him and get to know him more. this will help u figure out ur feelings towards him

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