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uhhhh help

so i genuinely want my period to come but my mom got hers when she was fifteen but anyway i’m not sure if i got my discharge or not because i think ive been getting it for that last couple of months but i want to be sure and im not just going to look up what it looks like because i don’t wanna be unsafe on the internet but i need to know what it looks like to know if i’ve been getting it … please help

  • Posted by koala_lover

    sorry i can not help to much as i dont have my period

  • Posted by Anonymous

    hiii so hopefully this isnt tmi but basically discharge will usually be clear and slimy at first (almost like snot) then it will dry and be white/ slightly yellow in color, and it will be kind of crusty on your underwear. even if this isnt exactly the case, if you think you have discharge, you probably do. and dont stress about not getting ur period – i used to really want my period too, and i was so jealous of my friends who had theirs, but your not alone and it will happen at some point. plus, once you have it, the novelty will wear off and it will soon become a normal part of your life. <33

  • Posted by koala_lover

    good luck

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