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uhhhhh, broken hearted

Why does my bestfriend always need to break my heart!? I don’t understand why they have the need and the urge to upset you, like seriously girl you’re my bestfriend!!!! So I liked this guy like ALOT and I have like him since the school holidays, and my bestfriend started liking him just last week! as soon as she told me I was like wait for all this drama and all these problems to start up again (keep in mind this chick has created so much crap with me its not funny!) SOOOOO we started to sit with his group and we were all really good friends, and then we asked each other to be valentines for this Thursday and she was encouraging me to say yes and stuff, so I said yes and we were valentines. In that moment I couldn’t have been so much more happier in my entire life! My valentine was my crush ahhhhhhhhh! He said to my bestfriend/the other chick that like him I want to date her and se was like ask him out date him just do it! I was so happy I was so excited to finally have a good guy as my boyfriend and have my bestfriends blessing…. but boy did that change very quickly! So later that night my phone is buzzing from all these messages from my bestfriend…. I was like oooo she’s saying congrats and stuff and saying that we could date and all that…. I OPEN MY PHONE AND SHE TEXTS ME SAYING YOU CANT DATE HIM UNTIL WE TALK AND STUFF! ALL I THOUGHT IS WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!! so all that had gone down and later I found out SHE BLOCKED ME ON INSTAGRAM! LIKE GIRL I DID NOTHING WRONGGGGGGGG! I was like just ignore it its all good just continue and date this guy she cant make your decisions for you…. I go to school happy chappy and at first break my best guy friend said are you depressed?…. at first I was like nooooo he doesn’t want to be my valentine and then I later find out that him and my BEST FRIEND ARE DATING!! she went and called my crush saying I LIKE OU LETS DATE AND HE SAID YES AND SAID I WILL TELL HER (me) NO TO BEING MY VALENITNE AND SHE CAN FIND OUT THE HARD WAY ABOUT ALL THIS! ahhhhhhhhh I was so peeved off I was crying so much… so sick of girls just want some real friends that will be loyal to me… who has been in a situation similar to this…. sorry for the long message 😥❤

  • Posted by Miss Mack

    omg girl, that is so awful! So first of all, I think u dodged a bullet with that guy. What kind of guy treats a girl like that? And second of all, ur friend. Hasn’t she heard of Chicks b4 d*cks? Have u spoken to her since and asked why she wuld do that when ur meant to be her friend?

  • Posted by Freya Taylor

    This happened to my best friend she likes this guy but so does her friend and the guy likes the friend so now they’re dating and my friend was soo sad

    • Posted by Chloe Squires-Cook

      yeah it really puts you down it hardcore sucks! x

  • Posted by Chloe Squires-Cook

    oh my gosh nooooo im not gonna talk to her just so over it!! she always wants to put me down gahhhh! 😒😢

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