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Umm… boobs.

So I my breasts have been developing for around 2 years and I still don’t own a single crop top bra things and I really want one.

I am so scared to ask her about it and it is just so awkward about anything related to puberty between her and me.

Please help, I am really nervous about it

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Laura,

    Do you mean your mum?

    Try not to stress, we all been there! Your mum has been through the exact same thing, so she’ll definitely understand your want to get a bra. The best way to let her know is to just tell her that you’re ready. This may sound daunting, but you’ll feel so much better afterwards.

    If it’s still too much for you, why not leave her a note?

    You can do it!

    Gem x

  • Posted by Brianna Hudgen

    I’m 11 years old in sixth grade growing boobs it’s itchy and it hurts all the time my grandma said it’s time for me to get a training bra but we never had this talk face to face yet.I want to tell my grandma today but i’m really scared and i can’t write notes to her because she’s always busy taking care of my baby cousin everyday plus there’s five children in the house add me and that’s six.And when my grandma not busy anymore she’s tired so i don’t know what to do can you please help.

  • Posted by Brianna Hudgen

    I’m also having to hair down there problem but i know that’s my perido coming but i’m not sure when is it just going to come out of the blues.And can you tell me what does it feel like when you first had it and hot did it feel to wear pads.

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