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Voice in my head

Hey everyone I need help. Ive got this over ruleing voice in my head and i can’t shake it. Ive been with my boyfriend for over a year and a half and he makes me so happy its unreal but I constantly feel like im not being thr best girlfriend for him theres just this voice in my head which cancels any reassurance he gives me. Not only that but im so on edge with the possibility of world war 3 happening. I’m just nervous and really anxious about it. And on top of all of this occasionally I’ll get sharp pains in my stomach like cramps when im not on my period and it makes me wonder could i be pregnant cause my boyfriend and i have recently got more intimate. What could all of this be? I’m not able to sleep because of this and it’s currently 12am as i write this. What makes this worse is that im in for a big year and lots is going to change and im worried i won’t be the best girlfriend, be able to cope or just keep in touch with my friends. I feel really stressed and on edge and we’re only 9 days into the year. Please help me! What do I do? Btw i don’t want to talk to people about this because i know the response is more than likely to be ‘it’ll pass’ or ‘its nothing, you’ll get over it’, please help me

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey girl!

    Wow, you’ve certainly got a lot on your mind. Sometimes our hormones go a bit cray thanks to puberty, & this can influence our emotions which is why we feel extra sensitive or stressed. This could be why you’re feeling this way! While sometimes we’re hard on ourselves, I’m sure your boyfriend thinks you’re an AMAZING girlfriend! It’s super important to surround yourself with positive people, as this will make you feel supported and valued.

    Hmmm…There’s a couple of things that could be causing you to experience cramping, it may be growing pains, back pain relating to posture, or it could be your body getting ready for its first period, if you haven’t got it already! If you’re really worried about it and something feels a little off, I’d suggest paying a visit to your GP. Just remember, try not to stress too much about things that are completely out of your control. Remember to always lean on your friends and family for support, go for a long walk in the fresh air, pay extra attention to what you’re fuelling your body with or even try a new activity! This will do wonders for your mental health. I promise!

    Gem x

  • Posted by Jimmy Tito

    My heart goes out to you girl #girlpower

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