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We hung out and I don’t know what to do know

So this is my third post about the same guy, my last post was labelled ‘He suddenly showed me some attention’. So now I’m going to continue on with this story. So he was with a friend and asked me to come and meet him all the thoughts went out of my head how I was over him and I wouldn’t let him mess with me, well turns out I did let him mess with me so I went. We hung out with his friends on the rocks near the beach for like an hour and a half and then I went home and now I really don’t know what to do because we have talked a little but idk it’s weird do I ask him to do something again or do I leave it and talk as friends I don’t want to ask him what this means cause I’m worried he’ll think that I like him I don’t even know if I like him, ahh this is just too confusing I need someone’s advice on what to do please anyone… everyone !!!!! all comments are appreciated xoxox

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