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so for the last 2 years of my secondary years, i had this best friend – who we gonna call Matt. so me and Matt had a perfectly normal platonic friendship – no feelings attached for sometime – it got to the point where people just assumed we were dating so we’d joke around about the rumors until (OF COURSE) i caught feelings 1 year later. fair to say i either played it off well or he was just completely blind af. but anyways one very drunk night i decided to text him and tell him how i really felt, one thing lead to another there was a phone call (baring in mind i don’t do phone calls – unless you special) then next thing you know, we were dating. well that just didn’t work – regardless of how much we liked each other – we just didn’t want to ruin the strong friendship we had, so we ended things and went back to how it was before. I haven’t seen Matt since our PROM (back in june) – we were all a bit tipsy but lets just say we had our moments that night, i’ll never forget. Also not too long ago – probs november i think – i seen him but he was walking with some other girl and he said hi to me even though i tried to walk past him, and it was the literal definition of awkward and boy was i jealous af, i swear all my feelings came rushing back like never before 🙂 LoVeLyy

Anyways,so about less than 3 months ago i just got out of a DISTANT – like over seas distant (long story) – relationship because i realized that it just didn’t feel right (minus the distance) i just didn’t feel entirely committed. didn’t take me too long to realize that i still had feelings for Matt despite how long we hadn’t seen or spoken to each other, and now everytime i see him from a distance my heart just drops because i feel like if we gave it a proper try, we may have possibly still been together….

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    omg what a luv story! this should be a movie!
    U definitly need to speak to Matt! U need to tell him how u feel and that u want to give it another go. Ull always regret it if u dont!

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