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What can I do with a degree in music

I’m not that great at that many things and a lot of my interests are more volunteer things (for example I would love to foster animals for a shelter and/or volunteer but I’m not sure I want to be a vet or anything cause I don’t think I would be good in the medical field) the only thing I’m really good at is music (vioin in particular) so I was wondering, what could I actually do with a degree in music I mean I could become a soloist but that would require a lot of talent maybe I could get hired by an orchestra but I’m not sure how much they pay and I don’t want to teach cause I’m not good with kids (or people in general) so I just want to have an idea what I might be getting into if I decide to go for a music degree,thanks for any helpful information!!❤️

  • Posted by Priyanka Balroop

    Music producer.
    Music therapist.
    Private music teacher.
    Secondary school teacher.
    Sound designer.
    Sound engineer.
    Sound technician, broadcasting/film/video.
    those are just some of the jobs u can get 🙂

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