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what do I do about him!!

Ok this is probably really stupid but anyway,
So theres this guy and I have been talking to him for a long time now and I like him a lot and he likes me and then our friend Harry told me and they guy that we are
“tuning”, but like I guess we are but when he talks to me he acts like were dating like he calls me “bby or babe” and he will say “I love you so much” or ” love you” “you are my world”, etc he says things like that but like then school started and we haven’t been talking as much lately like well talk but not as much as we used to and his friends all say that he misses me and miss him because I still like him a lot and I don’t know what to do because he seems like he doesn’t like me then his friends tell me he does then I’ll text him and then he’ll say something and then I am like wait what am I thinking he does like me and we have been tuning for a long time now and I know we are only like 13 but I can say right now I have never felt like this before or felt so commutable around someone before and I really want him to stay in my life but I don’t know what to do anymore!!!!

[ I know this is probably pointless but yeah ]

  • Posted by jhart7979

    I think you should just talk to him and tell him that you think you guys don’t talk as much anymore and you want to know why? Which by the sound of it u do. And just ask him all the stuff you said and like sort it all out u know but talk to him in person about it

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