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What is the best method for making a free website??

I want to make my own about one of my fav bands but I have no experience in this at all! What tools should I use? And is it possible at all to make a nice free site? Thanks!!

  • Posted by -raven-

    #RemovedByUser# Yes, there are many special platform for making websites and you don’t need to be a professional web builder for using them 🙂 You need to register a domain name firstly, for this you can use Bluehost for example. And in case of web building and design the best choices can be WordPress and Wix, they’re very simple in using and perfect for newbies with no special skills at all. Also both of them are free which is perfect for such non-commercial sites. And in case of design you can just use web templates which provide you ready site models which are easily modified according to your wishes and needs. Music theme for wordpress is one of the most popular ones so if your band is well-known it won’t be a problem to find the one for your website. Many web templates are free too. The last main thing for you will be content but with all that ready tools it’s really easy to prepare it.

  • Posted by 12yroldgirl

    Oh yay!! I am actually so excited to comment this because I have a lot of experience with websites. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Noor and I own two businesses. They are licensed and you can find them at and What I use for my website maker is wix. The website is They provide a free website. However there are some downsides. The website address is long and there are small ads at the bottom of the screen. To get around this you have to pay money. Yeah. I know. But there are a bunch of affordable plans to choose from and you can always decide to just keep the free website. Hope this helps!!

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