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When I realised I had boobs

Your first experience realising that you have boobs and how you reacted. Good luck for anyone on this site who hasn’t sprouted!?❤️?

  • Posted by Willow Osborne

    It was around a year and a half ago,
    I was at the shop with my mum when we stopped in the underwear section,
    My mum saw the crop tops/bras
    And immediately asked which one I liked I was confused then she said “when your developing you need to wear it “ I then got home and realised I really was developing😂

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    You know, I was about 11 when I started to notice that I was growing boobs! I first started wearing crop tops, then onto soft T-shirt bras when they started to get a little bit bigger & then I actually went to Bras and Things to get professionally fitted, it’s free & that way I knew which bra cup was the perfect fit! I highly recommend doing that, and then you can check out Cotton On Body etc when you know which size you are! Gem x

  • Posted by Anonymous

    how do you know?

  • Posted by Brianna Hudgen

    I felt something hard on my chest so i went in the hallway and i went in my shirt i felt something hard and i knew my boobs were growing so now imma tell my grandma that i think i need a training bra.because my boobs are poking out of my shirts and even my grandma said i need one thanks for you help ladies.

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