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when will i get it?

so it’s not that i want it but i guess you can say i’m just confused. So my mom got hers around the same age but my sisters got them at various ages. one got hers around 14 and the others was 15 (she was a premie baby and had a lot of physical setbacks though) but either way my mom was around 13 and i’m around 13 and a half and then my sister was around 14 so i feel like i’ll get it soon. i have all symptoms except i don’t get cramps on a daily or excess bloating or spotting, but besides those i have it all and i’m pretty much prepared. so does anyone else think i might get it sometime soon or should i just wait and chill?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Girl,

    That’s definitely the million dollar question!

    Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact answer, but I can give you some insight!

    Most people experience their first period around the ages of 12 & 14, but it can occur anytime between 9 & 17. There are a few signs which can hint at when your period may arrive. These include discharge (that whitish fluid in your undies), your breasts developing, your hips getting wider & hair growing under your arms & down there. If you notice a brownish tinge to your discharge, then get ready, your period is super close!

    A few days before your first period you may experience some cramping or feel a bit irritable. You may also notice a slippery wet feeling around your vagina once it arrives. If your period is only light & just lasts a few days, don’t worry, this is totally normal. It may take anywhere between a few months to a whole year to regulate. If you feel like you might get your period, & you’ve experienced some cramping or you feel a bit irritable, you can always pop on a liner just in case!

    A handy tip is to keep some pads with you in a little purse. That way you’ll never be caught unprepared. I’d recommend just chilling, your period will come when your body is ready! 🙂


  • Posted by carebear64

    Hey there,

    Same thing happened with me. My sisters were 14 and almost 16. My mom was 15. Funny thing was that I was 12, haha. Anyway … having a family who got theirs at different times can be confusing. Remember that genetics can be confusing and they work in mysterious ways, so, honestly, age isn’t the best guideline to go off of. There are many symptoms you can get that just have to do with *you*.
    Once you learn to really be in tune with your body, you will notice even the slightest differences in discharge and breast sensitivity, for example. I was so in tune with my body that the week before I got my period, I guessed I would get it within two weeks!!
    Just learn to listen to yourself and don’t worry about your family’s ages.
    Hope this helped!

    Good Luck to you.

    xoxo, carebear64

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