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When will I get mine?

Hi, can someone estimate?

discharge 10mths
AA cup
brown discharge 1 time
mum got hers at 9 years
im 14
starting to grow underarm hair
thin hairs (like on legs), half full down there

  • Posted by HBee

    I was fourteen when I first got my period, and I had similar ‘symptoms’ for maybe a year before, I think. But don’t worry! My younger sister (by two years) got her period before I did, and my mum said that she was almost sixteen. It seems that you might get yours soon though (next six months?) I hope this helped…

  • Posted by Anonymous

    I can’t really estimate you because I don’t know what stage of development your boobs are in (an AA cup could be stage 2, or even stage 5 for some women so I don’t know for you). But, a good indicator is that most girls get their periods 1.5 to 2 years after their boobs start developing.

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