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when will my period come

hi! ive been getting discharge for about 2 years now and I still dont have my period. is this normal?? please respond

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Maddy!

    Yes that’s normal! Remember that going through puberty is a totally unique experience. You just gotta trust your body clock and go with the flow! ❤️

    While you wait for your first period, keep an eye out for other symptoms like brownish discharge, cramps & feeling a bit irritable. They’re signs that your period is just around the corner! Be prepared by always carrying a pad or tampon with you in your bag. 🙌🏼

    You can read more about what to expect while you wait for it to come HERE.

    Of course if you’re concerned, chat to your GP!

    Love Gem x

  • Posted by Rosey beasley

    I honestly felt the same way. I started mine this week after a few years too.

  • Posted by francesca walters

    Hi everyone! I’ve been getting discharge for over 3 years now, and i am still going through puberty. But i’m nearly 16 and have still not gotten my period. Is this normal? I am constantly worrying about this. Please respond <3

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hi Francesca,

    Don’t worry! For most it happens around the ages of 12 & 14, but it can occur anytime between 9 & 17. All you can do is be prepared! 💪🏼

    Love Gem x

  • Posted by Lucy O

    Don’t worry I have discharge for about a year before I got my first period 🙂

  • Posted by Priyanka Balroop

    I have had discharge for 1 year now and im just starting to have cramps😐 does that mean im gonna get my first period?

  • Posted by Gemmah@Libra

    Hey Priyanka!

    Having discharge for 1 year and starting to get cramps are definitely signs that your first period is coming!

    Unfortunately, we will never know exactly when it’ll come. It’ll just happen when your body is ready.💕

    The best thing to do is to always be prepared!

    Love Gem x

  • Posted by Priyanka Balroop

    thx so much gem 🙂

  • Posted by Ruby Hyland

    I’m 11-12 and I got my period it’s horrible the cramps the bleeding 🩸 I was so embarrassed when I got it because a boy saw blood dripping down my leg I was not ready for it but lucky me mum had Libra pads for me to wear and everything was sorted. I had to run cross country practice with my period today the cramps were horrible then plus a stitch ughhhhhh
    Life sucks when your period is around.

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