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whos right, me or her

So one day at school I was just having lunch with this girl who I was friends with and I was telling her all the stuff I did in the summer holidays. I was like “Oh I got a boyfriend in the holidays but then he broke up with me” and she was like “cool” and I was like kind of bragging at this point but I was like “Oh and we kissed and frenched etc.” (he was my first) and I guess she took that as a sign and she was like (v seriously btw) “(my name), after I break up with my boyfriend, do u wanna makeout” and she knew I had a crush AND that I was straight and I got mad at her and then that night she was texting me and said “I broke up w (her bf)” and I was like “aw thats no good how r u feeling”; she said she was ok. I was like “um btw do u have a crush on me” and she was like “jc no i was KIDDING.” and id believe her bc her track record in this area is not good. and she kept on touching my hair at school or getting in my personal space, like 5 cm apart. Also she’s had sex a heap of times and she’s guilty of incest and she’s underage and she doesn’t care ab relationships at all so yea not to sound biased or religious but who’s right me or her?

  • Posted by Miss Mack

    wowee. do u even want this girl as a friend? if you do maybe just have a chat with her and let her know ur uncomfortable. If u dont want to be her friend, u could also stop hanging out with her?

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