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Why do i feel like this?

Im 16 and have a younger sister who is 5 so she is into playing with dolls and babies. I love being around babies (especially newborns) as it is but i love to join in with her. I want to sometimes buy one for myself which i can feed, bathe and do the general baby things to. I want to have a kid of my own or baby to take care of but i know getting pregnant at this age isn’t an amazing idea. Why do i feel like this? I constantly just want to be caring for a baby and getting to care for them. Also for some reason the idea of breast feeding also is something i like the thought of. What do i do about all this? I really need help and i don’t know who to talk to about this because i dont think i could talk to my boyfriend or best friend about this because i think they would find it weird that i want a baby and be able to breast feed, clean up after it, be up in the night for it, feed it and generally care for my own little one. Sorry for the long post, but can someone please help? Does anyone else feel the same?

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