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Why Hasn’t He Asked Me?

We have our school dance in a few weeks and most people have asked someone to go with them. Some people have even asked several. This guy whom I thought was going to ask me still hasn’t asked. I know he would want to go with me (apparently I’m one of the few girls he would go with) and the event is getting really close and he hasn’t even attempted to ask anyone. Most of his friends have dates (with basically my friends) and I don’t know if he’s just too shy to ask anyone or if he just doesn’t know definitively who he wants to go with.

  • Posted by WQAJ

    Maybe you should ask him if you guys can go together.

  • Posted by WQAJ

    Or on the night you should go up to him and dance together

  • Posted by WQAJ

    Guys I have a question I was wondering why a boy at school hasn’t asked me if we could be together like he always looks at me and in grade 4 he always stared at me

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