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WORST mum when it comes to puberty

my mom is so awkward when it comes to girl stuff. she makes loud comments about getting a bra when surrounded w family and once even in public! she talks about periods openly when all i want is a private convo. i know she is trying to be open but it’s NOT working.

can anyone relate? or share any stories to make me feel less alone?

  • Posted by Gabby Ndaba

    Maybe before you go to bed ask her if u 2 can talk privately in your room ALONE then explain to her that all you want is for u and her to have PRIVATE talks with her and tell her that it makes you feel embarrassed and awkward when she says things like that out loud and that you would very much appreciate it if it would just be a u and her thing you know just to have time alone with her to do some girl talk☺

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