Periods 101
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Periods 101

Tampons, discharge and PMS - OH MY! Periods are notorious for sucking. A lot. But, we’re here to coach you through it. From the very first time you find blood on your undies, to mastering the art of monthly TLC, let’s go back to basics and put your mind at ease (so you can do you, period).
Girl Stuff
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Girl Stuff

Sometimes, the lines can be kinda blurred between ‘do's’ and ‘dont’s’ when it comes to everything #girl. When navigating periods, dates, pads and more, we’re establishing some road rules. (Phew). Let’s talk the Green Lights to go guns blazing towards, and the Red Lights to watch out for. Buckle up…
Ask Gemmah
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Ask Gemmah

Gemmah knows what’s up. Think of her as your go-to for any random, slightly-awkward, niggling questions to do with all things from periods, pads to pubic hair. (She’s the best, basically). Oh, and when you chat with Gem, your identity stays totally anonymous! Nothing’s off limit, so fire away!
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Girls, we know while you're living your best life, you've made some hella entertaining stories and we've posted the best ones you've sent in here. From the totally #cringe embarrassing moments, to the time you helped your BFF through a period SOS call. Sit back and enjoy...

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Ask Gemmah:

Gemmah knows what’s up. She’s our guru on all things girrrrl. She’s def your go-to if you want some advice from that ‘big sister’ who’s been there, done that. And trust us, there’s nothing she hasn’t heard before. Nothing’s off limits!
Ask Gemmah
Ayye Gemmah! i am so so confused and a lot hurt here. the guy i like, was flirting with me,… read the answer

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