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15 & I Still Haven’t Got My Period

Hey! So I’m 15 in March and I still haven’t got my period. I’m going through another phase of being obsessed about getting my period and I cant stop thinking about it. It feels like I’m literally NEVER going to get it, even though I know I will at some point. There have just been so many times when I’ve been like “I think I’m gonna get my period really soon” and it just doesn’t happen. I keep getting worried that it’s not going to come for another year or something, even though that’s (hopefully) unlikely as I’ve been having discharge for more than a year as you know. I just really hope it comes before my birthday, or not long after. I’m getting so tired of waiting because I keep expecting my period and then it just doesn’t happen. Anyway, do you think it’s likely to happen sometime in the next couple of months? Or just over? I know there’s nothing anyone can do to make it come, I just wanted your opinion.

Gemmah Says

Hey there! 

I know the feeling of just wanting to get your period, trust me! But there’s nothing we can do to make our periods come. It’ll just happen when your body is ready! You just gotta trust your body clock and go with the flow! ❤️

While you wait for your first period, keep an eye out for some symptoms like brownish discharge, cramps & feeling a bit irritable. They’re signs that your period is just around the corner! Be prepared by always carrying a pad or tampon with you in your bag. 🙌🏼

We wrote a blog HERE on first periods and what to expect while you wait for it to come. Have a read! 

Love Gem x