Ask Gemmah

A big patch of bight red blood!

Hey Gemmah, so I know this happened a while ago like 5 months ago but it’s been on my mind ever since so one night I was going to the toilet I saw a big patch of bight red blood! Was it my period? and if so why hasn’t it happened again? Thanks

Gemmah Says

It may have been! It can sometimes be tricky to tell between what may have been our first period, & what may have been just some spotting. As much as we might want our first period to hurry up & arrive, our body works on its own schedule. All we can do is wait & be prepared!

It’s totally normal for your first period to be very light & only last a few days. They can also be quite irregular while our body gets used to the monthly routine. It’s also not unusual for our 2nd period to come a few months after the first. It can sometimes take 6 months to a year for our cycle to become more regular.

Look out for the signs which hint that your period is coming, like feeling a bit irritable or cramping. Make sure you keep some pads in a toiletry bag, so no matter if you experience your first or second period, you’ll be prepared!

For all the deets on what to expect, check out our Complete Guide to periods. Remember, if you’re ever worried or want more information specific to you, have a chat with your doctor.