Ask Gemmah

A Missed Period

Hi Gemmah, I have the app Clue to help me keep track of my period. However, about two weeks ago I had recieved a notification saying that “your period is on it’s way”. But my period never came. I’m very concerned with what is happening. As I’m a fifteen year old girl who had never experienced a missed period before.

Gemmah Says

Our first missed period can often cause us to ring MAJOR alarm bells. But don’t stress! Most of the time, a late or missed period is absolutely fine & nothing to worry about.

An irregular period is when your cycle doesn’t follow the normal 28 to 32 days. Our cycle can be influenced by a number of things including hormones, contraception & stress. To get the down low on Irregular Periods, give our blog a read.

When we miss a period, our mind can automatically go to “Am I pregnant?”. This is unlikely the case, but if you are sexually active, it’s worth taking a pregnancy test just to be sure.

If you’re concerned, there’s no harm in booking an appointment with your GP. They’ll be able to provide you with more information specific to you.

PS. It’s so great that you’re using an app to track your period. Talk about being totally prepared!