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Can I practice using a tampon while I’m not on my period?

Hi! My name is Coco. I got my first period a short while ago. I have had 2 periods so far. My 3rd was expected to come about 4 weeks ago. I also am going on a holiday to the coast in about 3 days and hope i do not get my period while i am there. I most likely will as i am there for 9 days. I havent used a tampon yet. IS IT OK TO PRACTICE USING A TAMPON WHEN IM NOT ON MY PERIOD?

Gemmah Says

it’s not a good idea to practice putting a tampon in when you don’t have your period, cause there won’t be enough moisture for the tampon to slide in easily. Wait until you have your period. Just take some supplies with you, both tampons and pads, and you’ll be fine

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