Ask Gemmah

Dark brown discharge

Hey gem is it normal for discharge to be a dark brown colour or is it my period I’m just worried that something is wrong with me ?

Gemmah Says

Yep, totally normal! It’s time to get ready, because your first period is just around the corner!

The brownish colour is caused when your discharge mixes with a little bit of menstrual blood. It’s totally okay & a sign your body is getting ready for the monthly routine. Keep an eye out for cramps & feeling a bit irritable. These are signs that your period is on its way.

It’s good to be prepared! So if you feel like your period may arrive, you can always wear a liner just in case. I love the Protect Active Liners. You may notice your first period as a slippery wet feeling around your vagina. Don’t stress if your period is light & lasts just a few days, this is normal. It can take anywhere between a few months to a year to regulate. Carrying some pads in your school bag is another awesome idea to always be prepared.

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