Ask Gemmah

Discharge Everyday

I get vaginal discharge nearly everyday, is this normal and why is it happening??

Gemmah Says

Hey girl! Yes, it’s totally normal to have discharge everyday.

Discharge is actually pretty awesome! Think of it like your vagina’s self cleaning system. It’s your body’s way of expelling excess fluid, cells & bacteria to keep your downstairs healthy! Discharge can come in a range of colours & textures. How much & how often we have it, can vary from girl to girl. Discharge can also be a hint that there’s something not so nice going on down there.

‘Normal’ discharge is usually either clear or white in colour & has a pretty subtle odour that isn’t unpleasant or foul smelling. A green or greyish colour, a strong bad smell, irritation, or discharge with a frothy, cream cheese-like texture are all signs of a potential infection. So if you notice any of these, book an appointment with your doctor stat!

If you want to feel fresh down there, you can always pop on a liner. I love the Active Protect ones! To learn more about discharge, check out our blog.