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Discharge & Periods

How long after getting discharge do you get your period on average?

Gemmah Says

Hey Confusing Confucius!

Let me guess… You’re eagerly awaiting your first period? I wish I could give you an exact answer for when this will occur! Here are some signs to look out for, which might help give you a rough idea when it may occur.

Most people experience their first period around the ages of 12 and 14, but it can occur anytime between 9 and 17. Now, let’s talk about discharge! Think of it like your vagina’s self cleaning system. It expels excess fluid, cells and bacteria to keep your downstairs healthy. Usually, you’ll start to notice it 1 to 2 years before your first period, but this can vary from person to person. If you notice a brownish tinge to your discharge, then get ready, your period is super close! To keep that fresh feeling, I recommend wearing a liner (my faves are the Extra Protect Liners), this will also be great if your period decides to make a surprise entrance! Other signs to look out for include your breasts developing, your hips getting wider and hair growing under your arms and down there.

For more information on what to expect from your first period, check out our Complete Guide or my YouTube video.