Ask Gemmah

First Periods & Brownish Discharge


So I’m pretty sure that it’s my time of the month coming round, it’s my first time btw. I’ve told my mum that I’ve noticed brown discharge and she said it was normal and I was gonna get my period. So after that I was pretty comfortable with it, it’s just I feel like it’s really brown I mean like poop brown, also the other day there were small clumps of it coming up in my liner I was wearing. Is this normal? Please let me know!

Gemmah Says

Hi girl,

It sounds like your mum is right! Your first period is probably right around the corner, so get ready!

Brownish discharge occurs when your normal discharge mixes with a little bit of blood. It’s your body getting ready for your period. It may be pretty brown & a bit lumpy, but don’t worry this is totally normal!

Other signs to look out for which can hint that your period is on its way include cramps & changes to your mood such as irritability. To learn more, give our Complete Guide a read or watch me chat about first periods HERE.

All you can do is wait & be prepared! Wearing liners are a great way to stay fresh down there & make sure you’re ready no matter when your period arrives. You’ve got this!