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First periods? Help!

Hi Gemma can you please delete my posts? I’m actually really nervous and When will I get my period?

Gemmah Says

Hey girl!

Our chats stay totally anonymous, so nobody will ever know which questions come from you. I promise!

Did you know, “when will I get my first period?” is definitely my most frequently asked question! So you’re not alone!

Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact answer, but I can give you some insight into the whole thing! Most people experience their first period around the ages of 12 & 14, but it can occur anytime between 9 & 17. There are a few signs which can hint at when your period may arrive. These include discharge (that whitish fluid in your undies), your breasts developing, your hips getting wider & hair growing under your arms & down there.

If you notice a brownish tinge to your discharge, then get ready, your period is super close! A few days before your first period you may experience some cramping or feel a bit irritable. You may also notice a slippery wet feeling around your vagina once it arrives. If your period is only light & just lasts a few days, don’t worry, this is totally normal.

It may take anywhere between a few months to a whole year to regulate. If you feel like you might get your period, & you’ve experienced some cramping or you feel a bit irritable, you can always pop on a liner just in case. I recommend a Libra Protect Active Liner. A handy tip is to keep some pads with you in a little purse. That way you’ll never be caught unprepared. We suggest our Libra Girl range, they’re specially designed for smaller bodies & are just as absorbent as our main range. For more information on what to expect, check out our Complete Guide to periods!