Ask Gemmah

Hairy armpits!

Hey Gemmah, I’ve been growing armpit hair for about six moths now, but over the past two weeks it’s been getting thicker and darker, also, summers coming up! I’m really scared to ask my mum if I can shave, but I’m too embarrassed to walk around in short sleeves with hairy armpits! Help!

Gemmah Says

Hair growth under your armpits & down there is one of the signs that you’re going through puberty. You’ve noticed it’s getting darker & thicker, don’t worry, this is absolutely normal. Whether you want to keep it or remove it, is totally up to you. It’s all about personal preference!

There’s no reason to be scared about asking your mum to buy you some razors. Remember, she went through the exact same thing! Just explain to her why you want to start shaving & I’m sure she’ll understand. Be confident, you got this girl!