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I Have All The Signs Of My Period Starting Except Pubic Hair

Hi, I have all the signs of my period starting soon except pubic hair. My breasts have been developing for over 2 years and I have been getting discharge for over 6 months. I have recently had a big growth spurt. I am 11 nearly 12. I was just wondering if I might get my period before pubic hair. I am basically the same age my mother was when she had hers. I have arm and leg hair and I have had it for a while. Under my arms there are some hairs but tiny and blond. Thanks for reading. To be clear my question is: if all the other signs are present but pubic hair, can I still get my period? Thanks Elli

Gemmah Says

Hi Elli!

Puberty plays by no rules & everyone’s experience is unique!

Although there are some typical signs you may experience before your first period, it might not be the same for everyone. Ultimately, your period will come when it’s the right time for your body! So yes, you could still get your period without any pubic hair in sight. 

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Love Gem x