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I Still Don’t Have Any Boobs… Is This Normal?

Hiiii I was reading some of the stuff on here about puberty lol and I saw that you said boobs usually develop around two years before your period. I recently got my period (I’m twelve) but I still don’t really have any boobs and I am very flat lolol and I wondered if that was an issue or if it was ‘normal’ or not? Thank you! 🙂

Gemmah Says

Hey hey!

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Puberty doesn’t play by any rules so it can be such a different experience from one person to another. It’s totally normal to not have developed breasts just yet! It’s common for boobs to grow til you’re about 18 so you have plentyyyyy of time.  

Remember, breasts are unique & they come in all different shapes & sizes! They can grow quickly or more gradually, & it can take a few years for them to fully develop. It’s all normal! The main thing is to celebrate & love what you’ve got! 

If you want to learn more about puberty & all the changes your body goes through, check out our blog.    

Love Gem x