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I’m not ready for high school, it’s so hard fitting in.

hiii,yes i know this is the second time i’ve asked you something,but i really need advice.i’m just not ready for secondary school at all’s so hard fitting in,and i’ve made many friends, but i feel like i’m being judged all the time.and there’s one more thing. is watery discharge normal? idk i’ve just never had it before,and it”s just randomly popped up a couple weeks ago.eek!

Gemmah Says

Totally fine, there’s no limits here girl!
High school can be especially stressful as assignments & responsibilities begin to pile up. It’s also a time when our hormones are going a bit cray thanks to puberty, & this can influence our emotions which is why we feel extra sensitive sometimes.
Making friends & fitting in can feel totally overwhelming, and in the process we may feel judged & upset. Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with positive people – your friends should make you laugh, feel included & valued. Sometimes friends who aren’t supportive or inclusive can cause us to feel stressed and emotional, making us question why they may be acting this way. It’s important to take a deep breath & talk it out with those close around you – friends, family or teachers. Talking can not only help to lift the weight from your shoulders, but also help you organise your thoughts & find the root of the problem.
It’s normal to go through a rough patch, but remember it will get better & there’s always help available!

Yes, that sounds like discharge! Discharge keeps your downstairs balanced & healthy by expelling excess fluid & cells. Discharge normally begins 6 months to a year before you start your period. The appearance & amount of discharge you get varies from girl to girl due to hormones, and where you’re at in your cycle! The rule of thumb is that normal discharge is either clear or white in colour, and has a fairly subtle odour that isn’t unpleasant or foul smelling.