Ask Gemmah

Learning about periods in school

My 12 daughter is been taught in school about periods which she finds it embarrassing 😳 can you please give me advice?

Gemmah Says

Hi there,

While periods are a completely natural part of life & nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s not unusual to feel a little nervous when we start learning about them. It’s a big change after all.

Just let your daughter know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, & if she has any questions, she can come to you. Knowing more information about puberty & periods, may help her feel more confident when discussing them in class.

If she’d rather learn about them on her own & at her own pace, send her our way. Our website has some great resources about all things periods, puberty & growing up! There’s even a blog for you on the questions you might be asked. I’m sure she’ll feel more comfortable in no time!

Love Gem x