Ask Gemmah

No breasts

All of my friends are growing breasts and growing faster than me. How come I don’t have any breasts yet?

Gemmah Says

Comparing our rate of growth to those around us can be tricky. Our bodies are unique & breasts come in all different shapes & sizes. They can grow quickly or more gradually & it can take a few years for them to fully develop. This is totally normal!

Typically your breasts will bud when you start to go through puberty. Which can occur somewhere between the ages of 8 & 15, & the puberty process usually lasts 2 years, but not always. It can take as long as 5 years for all the changes to take place. You may even find you go through other physical changes before your boobs develop. Everyone is different & there’s no set plan with development.

Your breasts may begin to develop at age 10, or they might not start until you’re 16. As much as we may want them to be bigger, there’s nothing we can do to speed up the process. Everyone’s unique & so are your boobs. The main thing is to celebrate & love what you’ve got!

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