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Period not regular?


I am Georgia I am 13 nearly 14 and I have not had my period I think for a month now I was not sure who to contact or if it was normal.

I finally found this website and you so I am glad that I can talk or ask someone that is not my mum.

Thank you so much,

Georgia X 

Gemmah Says

Hey Georgia!

Thanks for your messages! We’re here whenever you’re confused or a little uncertain about anything to do with your bod, puberty, first periods – ANYTHING!

Firstly, have you only recently got your first period? Or have you had it for a while? It’s SUPER common & normal for your cycle to be irregular for the first 6-12 months of having your period. So don’t stress, this is all totally  normal. 🙂 Your body will get in it’s own own rhythm & your period will start to regulate. I find it’s super handy having an app to track your cycle! Flo Period & Period Diary are great 👍🏼 XX