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Periods after childbirth

How long does it take to get your period after birth, and what’s the amount of weeks before it occurs?

Gemmah Says

CONGRATULATIONS! A new bub is so exciting!

The question of when your regular period will return after you’ve given birth is a bit complicated. The timing can vary from woman to woman & there are a number of factors which may influence the timing.

First things first, directly after childbirth you’ll experience what’s called “lochia” or post partum bleeding. This is basically one big, long period! It’s the same make up of a period in that it includes blood, mucus & tissue, but it may last for up to 4 weeks. I highly recommend including 3 to 4 packets of Maternity Pads in your hospital bag so you’ll have enough for regular changing. Over time, this lochia flow will decrease dramatically & you’ll be able to switch to an Ultra Thin Pad, & then to simply a Liner. To learn more, check out our blog.

In terms of your normal ‘period’, for some women this may arrive 6 weeks after giving birth, but for others it can take longer. It’s actually not unusual for a normal period to take a year to arrive after you welcomed your baby into the world. Everyone is unique & timing can vary from mum to mum.

Now returning to a regular cycle is yet another story! Your period might regulate from the get-go, yet it is also normal for your cycle to take up to 18 months to regulate. Breastfeeding can play a role here too, and often may delay the period cycle. This is due to breastfeeding releasing a hormone which keeps your progesterone & oestrogen levels low. But while you may not have a period until you finish feeding, know this doesn’t mean you’re not ovulating. So if you’re not planning on having another baby straight away, it’s important to use contraception.

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