Ask Gemmah

Periods & Discharge

Hi Gemmah, I had my first period on the 23rd of September and today is the 4th of December and I still haven’t gotten my second period. Is there something wrong with me? In the past week I have had very heavy discharge that goes through my undies but not too much to stain my clothes.

Gemmah Says

Periods can be a pretty big change for our bodies. So it’s normal for our first few periods to be a little irregular & we may even skip a few! It’s just our bodies getting used to the monthly cycle. Try not to stress too much. It can take anywhere from 6 months up to a year for them to become more regular. Check out our blog or Youtube video to become a period pro!

Now onto discharge…While it can be a little annoying, discharge is actually pretty cool! It expels excess fluid, cells & bacteria to help keep your downstairs healthy. It can come in a whole range of colours & textures, & how much & how often we have it, can vary from girl to girl. It can also change over time.

‘Normal’ discharge is usually either clear or white in colour & has a pretty subtle odour that isn’t unpleasant or foul smelling. If this is what you’re experiencing, there’s no need to worry! A green or greyish colour, a strong bad smell, irritation, or discharge with a frothy, cream cheese-like texture are all signs of a potential infection. So if you notice any of these, book an appointment with your doctor ASAP!

There’s not much you can do about the amount of normal discharge you experience, it may just reduce over time. To feel fresh down there, you can always pop on a liner. They’ll absorb the discharge & protect your undies. I love the Thin Liners! To learn more about discharge, check out our blog or YouTube video.

Like anything that goes on in our body, if you’re concerned, there’s no harm in checking in with your GP. They here to help!