Ask Gemmah

Sleeping Tips

Lately it has taken me ages to get to sleep. It hasn’t always been like this, only the past week. It’s really annoying because I get in bed at like 8:30 but I fall asleep at around 9:00 and then I’m tired in the morning and a bit of the day. Any tips?

Gemmah Says

Lying in bed, not able to sleep, can be sooo annoying! It’s like come on body, send me to dreamland! Getting enough shut eye is also super important for our health. Feeling fatigued can be a symptom of PMS. So if it’s almost that time of the month, that could explain why you’re feeling a little run down.

There are so many tips to help send us to sleep, but sadly they may not work for everyone. I’m sure you’ve heard of counting sheep! Here are some great nuggets of information which will hopefully help.

1. Avoid caffeine after lunch time. This includes coffee, tea (opt for caffeine-free herbal remedies instead), & energy drinks.

2. Don’t eat just before bed. This will not only help your digestion, but it can improve your quality of sleep.

3. Turn the screen off! Our devices keep our brains active. So instead of scrolling through Instagram or watching Netflix, try reading a book.

4. Try to calm your mind. We all have our own way of finding inner peace. Whether that’s through meditation or focusing on something that makes us happy, rather than things that cause us stress.

Good luck & go catch some zzzz’s.