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So I got my period (well sort of)…

Hey Gemmah, so I got my period (well sort of) 2 days ago. It was a very very light pink colour and then the next day it turned to a dark brown colour and it hasn’t changed since. I haven’t gotten a blood clot this whole entire period and its been really light. Like I know this is unsanitary but I haven’t exactly changed my pad in two days cause of how light it is and it hasn’t even filled my pad up yet. My partner and I are trying for a baby but I’m not pregnant as I’ve taken pregnancy tests that have come up negative so why am I bleeding like this? The first day was just spotting and same with yesterday kind of and today has been a bit heavier but not by much. I am really confused because my body has never done this before. Not even with the medication I’m on. Can you please help me?

Gemmah Says

It’s totally normal for the length, volume & look of our periods to change over time. However, some women also experience implantation bleeding, which is spotting in the early stages of pregnancy. Sometimes during this stage a pregnancy test will come back negative. 

Try wearing a lower absorbency pad or even a liner. That way you’ll still be protected & you won’t be wearing the same pad for ages.  

When things seem out of the ordinary, it’s always best to schedule an appointment & talk it through with your doctor.

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