Ask Gemmah

Swimming on your period

What if I go swimming and I have my period and I don’t know how to handle it? Thank you

Gemmah Says

Swimming on your period, no problem!

You can absolutely still get in the water when it’s that time of the month. All you need to do is pop in a tampon & voila, you’re ready!

It has to be a tampon though. Water can affect the glue & the absorbency of pads, meaning they’re definitely not suitable for swimming.

If you’re new to tamps then never fear. We have a blog full of instructions & handy tips. Or you can watch me explain it all on our YouTube channel. Our new Libra Girl Tampons are also great for beginners & those with petitie bodies. They’re shorter & narrower, but have the same absorbency as our Original Regular Tampons. You may find them easier to insert, but they’ll still keep you protected!

Enjoy the water!