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Texture & amount of discharge

Does the texture or amount of discharge have anything to do with your first period?

Gemmah Says

While discharge is a sign your first period is on its way, unfortunately there is no clear cut answer that indicates when you’ll get it! Discharge normally occurs 6 months to a year before you start your period. However, how often & how much discharge you get varies from girl to girl. Everyone is different and it’s completely normal. It’s just your body’s way of expelling excess fluid & cells, which keeps your downstairs balanced & healthy. To keep you feeling fresh, you could always use a liner! We recommend our Libra Protect Active Liners.

There are some other signs to keep a look out for that may help you know when to expect your first period, or that it’s definitely on its way! You might notice your breasts developing, your hips getting wider, & hair growing under your arms & down there! If you notice your discharge has a brownish colour, then your period is right around the corner, as this is means a little bit of blood has mixed with discharge. A few days before your period arrives, you may feel a bit irritable & experience some cramping. When your period comes, you may feel a slippery, wet feeling around your vagina. Don’t worry! It will likely be very light & only lasts a few days. This is totally normal!

In the meantime, keep some pads handy in your school bag, so you’re well prepared for when your period does arrive! Our Libra Girl range is perfect for smaller bodies, & they’re just as absorbent as our main range.

While the texture & amount of discharge may not reveal exactly when you get your first period, once you do have it, discharge can indicate where you are in your ovulation cycle. Thick, white discharge normally occurs at the beginning & end of your cycle, while watery or egg white discharge occurs when you’re ovulating.

Don’t forget, you can always talk to your friends about periods & the changes you’re going through. They’re likely going through the exact same thing as you! For more info, read our Complete Guide to Periods.

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