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Travelling with my dad and my crush! Help!

I’m going overseas on a school trip next month and a bunch of my friends, my crush, my dad and some other parents are going. Typically I’m fairly obvious around my crush and show how I feel even though he doesn’t feel the same way as far as I know. This worries me because I feel like I’ll act rather awkwardly around him due to my dad going on the trip too. So I’m not sure whether to act how I usually do and hope my dad doesn’t notice or try to hide how I feel about my crush

Gemmah Says

Hi Anon, you sound like the kind of girl who wears who heart on her sleeve – meaning you can’t help but show people how you feel! It’s not a bad trait at all. If you are that type of girl, then trying to modify you’re behaviour or changing how you’d normally act probably won’t work. My advice is to be aware your Dad is there, and that alone should help how obvious or discreet you think you need to be around your crush. However, the one thing I’d say is don’t let it get in the way of this amazing opportunity – just relax, be yourself and have faith that things will turn out fine! Good luck, LGx

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