Ask Gemmah

What does this mean?

Hi! Gemmah I am 11 and been getting discharge for a year now and about 3 months ago I got a brown discharge period looking leak it happened once I put a pad on just to be safe and it did not happen again! I be lower stomach pains and know it’s combing I felt horrible that day!!

And am wondering what all this means ?

Thanks ❤️

Gemmah Says

Oh girl! This all means your first period is super close! The brownish colour of your discharge means that it has mixed with a little bit of menstrual blood. It’s totally normal & a sign your body is getting ready for the monthly cycle. Cramping & feeling irritable are some more signs that your period is on its way.

Good on you for putting a pad on just in case! It’s always good to be prepared. Carrying some pads in your school bag is also a great idea. When your period does come, you may notice it as a slippery wet feeling around your vagina.

If your period is pretty light & lasts just a few days, don’t worry, this is totes fine. It can take anywhere between a few months to a year to regulate.

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