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What Should I Use Overnight For A Heavy Flow?

Hello I was wondering what type of pad should I use overnight for heavy flow and should I wear a tampon overnight as well? Thank you very much

Gemmah Says

Hi there!

Depending on your flow, tampons should be changed about every 4 hrs & never left in for more than 8hrs, to reduce the rare but serious risk of TSS. So while you sleep, I recommend our Goodnights range. 😴 They’re what sweet dreams are made of! 

Our Goodnights pads and Extra Long & Wide pads are great, but if you’ve got a really heavy flow & you’re after maximum protection, why not try our Goodnights Pants? They provide 360° leakage protection, for the ultimate in coverage & security while you slumber. So you can catch more zzz’s, without fear of leaks.

If you’re super nervous about leaking & want some extra peace of mind, you can always put a towel underneath you too!

For more helpful tips on how to have a good night’s sleep during your period, read our blog HERE.

Love Gem x