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Pucker up! Here’s how to nail your first kiss

While there’s no textbook way of how to lock lips, we’ve whipped up a little checklist to help you navigate that very first kiss. Feel free to bypass any of these steps, or add some personal touches into the mix. No matter what, remember to always #doyou.


Kissing Steps

As much as you might want to plant one on them right this second, it’s hella important to bide your time until the moment feels appropriate. If that’s not now, hang in there. You’ve got to be somewhere that makes you feel one-hundy-% comfortable. Nobody wants a live audience watching their first kiss, so wait it out until you can be in a quiet, safe space.

This kiss has got to be a mutual affair. A strategic, ‘Can I kiss you now?’ is not only a brilliant way to gauge if the desire to kiss is mutual, but also reminds us of all the best Rom-Com moments ever.

Of course, we can’t always be prepared with a minty-fresh breath before kissing someone. That’s a little unrealistic! Sometimes, the best kinda kisses happen when you’re caught off-guard. If you have an inkling it might happen, there’s no harm in freshening up a little beforehand with a mint and a swipe of gloss. You’ll feel confident and comfortable to commence the smooch.

Before takeoff, establish some dreamy eye contact and start to tilt your body towards them to gauge if they’re feeling the #vibe. They’ll replicate your movements and start inching closer to your lips if it’s a Green Light.

Swipe your lips past theirs, slowly and softly, then pull back. Maybe you’ll kiss both of their lips, and then focus on the upper lip. It’s time to give it your own personal twist from here on in. Trust your instincts, you’re in the driver’s seat here!

For a first kiss, it’s best to start with the basics. Don’t feel pressured to get your tongue involved or initiate any neck kisses. A simple hand-through-the-hair move can be a failsafe trick to change things up a little.

When things don’t go exactly to plan, don’t stress it. Laugh through the #awks moments when your teeth might weirdly whack theirs, or suggest they tilt their head a little to the left if your lips aren’t quite aligning right. You got this, girl.