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My Body

What’s happening to my body?

Going through puberty can be a bit of a rollercoaster, but knowing what to expect can make things a lot smoother.

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Ask Gemmah

Ask Gemmah:

Gemmah knows what’s up. She’s our guru on all things girrrrl. She’s def your go-to if you want some advice from that ‘big sister’ who’s been there, done that. And trust us, there’s nothing she hasn’t heard before. Nothing’s off limits!
Hi, I was eating less than 700 calories a day and over exercising so I didnt get my period last…
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Are you a storytelling goddess? From the totally #cringe embarrassing moments, to the time you helped your BFF through a period SOS call, we’re ready to hear the goss. Think of this as an online diary, so you can vent all of the fem tales that just HAVE to be heard. The best part? You can stay totally anon. So, er, get typing already… sign in

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