Periods 101

Am I normal?

Normal includes a wide variety of differences, so chances are… you’re normal! For example, just like how many of us have one foot bigger than the other, nearly half of us have a breast bigger than its pair.

Because boys have external genitals, they see the wide variety of shapes and sizes when changing for sport or even just in swimmers. Girls tend not to see each other’s genitals as they’re tucked away on the inside and although there can be lots of variety in the shape, colour and size of everyone’s labia (the lips) for example, we just don’t see it. That can make us wonder if our bits are ‘normal’ – and they probably are! Again, for example, it’s not unusual for the labia minora (inner lips) to protrude below the labia majora (outer lips).

Breasts and periods will arrive in their own good time and there’s nothing you can do to hurry either of them along. It can happen when your 10 or 16 – and it’s all normal. So try and relax and things will naturally (and normally!) take place in their own sweet time.

If there’s something that you’re really concerned about though, it’s best to head to the GP.

If you’ve still got questions, your parents or an older sibling are a good place to start. Or Ask Gemmah’, she’s always happy to answer all sorts of questions!


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