Periods 101

The Complete Guide To Tampons

It’s that time of the year, your mid-year dance exam. You wake up the morning of the big day, head to the bathroom and uh oh…your period has decided to join in on the fun! *Cue freakout!* We know what you’re thinking: “What do I do?! I can’t dance on stage in a leotard with my period!” Sister, say hello to your new BFF during that time of the month – TAMPONS! While tampons may seem a *little* scary at first, we promise that with our help, you’ll be using them like a total pro in no time! Buckle up, we’re here to walk you through all things tampons.

So, what are tampons and how do they work?

Tampons are small, soft, cylinder-like products, shaped and designed in a special way that absorbs your period before it leaves your body. But how, exactly?! They work by insertion into the opening of your vagina, soaking up the menstrual flow before it has the chance to leave the body. The tampon fits snug in your vagina, and when inserted correctly you actually can’t feel it! So you can swim, dance, wear your favourite jeans and continue doing YOU with confidence during that time of the month. Pretty cool huh?

Okay then, so how do I insert a tampon and am I the right age to use one?

It’s no secret, tampons can be a little tricky to master (yes, even a little nerve-wracking at first!), but with the right information and a little practise, we promise you’ll nail it! For every girl that gets her period, there’s absolutely no wrong or right age to use tampons. It comes down to personal preference and when you’re feeling comfortable.

To get you started, we’ve got a simple how-to guide that will make inserting tampons that little bit less daunting:

Step one: Start by washing your hands. Twist open the tampon, throw out the wrapping, then pull and extend the string.

Step two: Hold the tampon with your index or middle finger at the base (string end) and get into a comfy position. Try sitting on the toilet, standing with one foot on the edge of the toilet or bathtub, squatting, or even lying down. Whatever works for you girl!



Step three: Now, exhale and relax your muscles as best you can. Find the opening of your vagina (if you’re not sure, a small mirror can help you with this) and gently push the tampon in, on a slight angle towards your tailbone.


Step four: Keep pushing it with your index or middle finger to the full length of your finger. Check the string is hanging out, wash your hands… and you’re done! Go girl, you’ve just inserted your first tampon!!

For extra deets and tips, you can always check out our full guide on How To Use Tampons.


What kind of tampon should I use?

Not 100% sure where to start? We’ve all been there, girlfriend! That’s why we created Libra Girl Tampons – designed specifically for beginners! They’re shorter and narrower, but with the same absorbency as our O.G, Libra Original tampons, plus they have a tapered tip for easy-breezy, comfy insertion. Perfect for growing girls!

Regular…Super…how to know what to use?! This depends on what best suits your flow. You might even find that your flow changes throughout your period, and that’s totally normal! When your period cycle starts to regulate, the first few days may be on the heavier side, so we’d recommend our super absorbency, and regular for those light-regular flow days. Some girls are heavy the whole way through their cycle and some have really light periods. Every girl is different.


How often should I change my tampon?

To keep you feeling #fresh and to avoid leaks, you should change your tampon every 4 – 6 hours. However, if you find your period is quite heavy, you may find that you need to change it more often. Everyone’s flow is different!

On a serious note, you should never leave your tampon in for more than 8 hours, as doing so runs the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare, but potentially life-threatening condition caused by the overgrowth of a certain type of bacteria which produces and releases toxins into the bloodstream. And yes, this definitely applies to when you’re sleeping. To be super safe, don’t sleep with a tampon in! Instead, opt for our Libra Girl Goodnight pads, so you’re comfortable and protected while catching those Zzzs.

Lastly, make sure you ALWAYS dispose of your tampons in a hygienic way. Always wash your hands before and after removal and wrap the used tampon in some toilet paper before placing it in the bin. Just like a pad, remember to never, ever flush it down the toilet… not only can it clog the plumbing system (major BLUSH moment if this happens at school), but is also bad for the environment.


Did I just hear a Tampon Myth or a Tampon Truth?

Chatting girl to girl is a great way to share info and learn from others going through the same experiences, but sometimes it can spread some totally confusing rumours. Girl, we’re here to explore tampon myths and truths, and if we’ve missed any, you know you can always Ask Gemmah! She’s your resident big sis here at Libra and she’s totally in the know on all things periods, tampons and the female body. Alright so let’s debunk…

  • Should I take my tampon out when I pee? Nope! Ladies, we have three holes and pee comes out of a separate hole to where your tampon is inserted, so it won’t interfere with it in any way. Just make sure you move the string to the side so it doesn’t get wet.
  • Will I lose my virginity by using tampons? Short answer? No. This one is definitely a myth!
  • Is it possible to lose a tampon inside me? There’s not enough space up there to lose one, because guess what? Your vagina is actually only about 7.5cm long! A tampon can move around, but even if you lose the string it’s impossible for it to get completely lost! (Phew).
  • Can a tampon fall out? No, the design of tampons doesn’t allow it to fall out and when inserted correctly, the tampon shouldn’t move around much at all. You can run, swim, dance and walk just like normal without having to worry, we promise!
  • Can I swim while wearing a tampon? Absolutely! You can’t spot them under your bathers and because they work as internal period protection, your menstrual flow is completely absorbed by the tampon, so they’re perfect for swimming! They’re so different to pads, which are worn externally and need to be stuck to your underwear to capture your menstrual blood. We definitely don’t recommend getting in the water with a pad, as the glue on the backing will become unstuck. Imagine a pad floating around the water. Yikes!
  • Is more absorbency better? Not necessarily, as it totally depends on your own unique flow. Everyone is different and everyone’s flow is different! If you find your period is quite heavy, we’d recommend super, but if it’s on the lighter side, just go with regulars!

Okay…so now you’re totally across the ins and outs of tampons, you can get back to winning your 50 metre breaststroke, sister!

Anything else? Asaleo Care makes no warranties or representations regarding the completeness or accuracy of the information. This information should be used only as a guide and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional, medical or other health professional advice.