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    PMS feels. They're real & they're paying close attention to the noisy eaters.🙅🏽‍♀️#lovelibra #feels

    2 days ago

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    Something SMALL has landed... Libra Girl Tampons! A tampon for beginners. 💟 Designed with a shorter & narrower sha…

    4 days ago

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    Feeling less like you're delicately shedding a uterus lining, & more like there's a full on crime scene in your pants…

    4 days ago

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    To celebrate the mums & mama figures in our lives, we've joined forces with the stunning ladies over at @shanghaisuzy…

    5 days ago

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    For the girl next door, who's Aunt Flow comes to visit on the regular... 😉 Our Libra Original Regular tamps are id…

    6 days ago